Family Feature: Anita, Bruce, Caroline & Robert

By Brittney Bagiardi
April 23, 2021

Family Feature Series

We live for the beautiful, resilient, loving, and precious moments that our families experience on their adoption journeys. No two adoption paths are the same. No two families are exactly alike. Each story is precious and filled with love. There are hopeful adoptive parents who are waiting for a bundle of joy to call their own. There are also many birth parents making a loving sacrifice to place a child with those adoring families in waiting.

We hope that our Family Feature Blog Series gives both adoptive and birth parents a beacon of hope, a realization that no matter what the future holds, there is a beautiful light at the end of the tunnel. The journey to adoption is often filled with many emotions, but at the end of the path, it’s all in the name of a shared love for that beautiful child.

Family Feature: Anita, Bruce, Caroline & Robert

The M Family with their adopted Son
Anita and Bruce with their children, Caroline and Robert
Anita’s Story of Love

“On a day like today, ten years ago the phone call came. Labor had started; the baby was coming! We rushed to the hospital. And waited… and waited… and waited some more. My heart anxiously hoping. At last, the door opened, a hug came, “Congratulations guys, you are new parents!” Finally, the miracle had happened! I was a mom again, to a beautiful bundle of love that I had started to love way before.

The story of Robert’s birth and how he came to complete our family continues to be written as the most beautiful miracle I’ve come to know. I personally want to emphasize that the person who came to greet and congratulate us for being the new parents was Robert’s birth father, as Robert’s birth mother was still in the patient room recovering.

I have an enormous amount of love and respect for those two human beings. It took enormous courage for them to make the choice of placing their child with a family they only knew in pictures and brief descriptions. I know their hearts broke, and I feel honored and very humbled that our family, though complete strangers, was chosen to care for this beautiful child. I am forever grateful for their selfless act. Our son knows he’s loved by many.

Anita and her children Caroline and Robert
Anita’s Birthday Celebration with Robert and Caroline
An Important Note from Anita:

Both of our son’s birth parents are involved in his life. We don’t live in the same area now, but we keep in touch with them every now and then. We video chat on special occasions (birthdays, Christmas, etc), and although not often, we visit with each one of them whenever possible.”

Birth Father with Robert
Robert with his Birth Father
Birth mother with Robert
Robert with his Birth Mother

A Message from Heart of Adoptions

Anita’s story is a beautiful one. Like many of our families, she and her husband chose an Open Adoption with the Birth Mother and Father. If you’d like to speak with someone about placing your baby for adoption with an Open Adoption, individualized plan, call us at 1-800-GO-ADOPT). We are available via text too: 754-238-5537.

If you’d like to learn more about Open Adoption in Florida, click here to read our blog. 

We are so thankful to Anita and her family for sharing her story with us. If you are a Birth or an Adoptive Parent and would like to share your Heart of Adoption story for our next Family Feature, please email [email protected]

*All pictures and stories were shared with permission from Anita, her family, and Robert’s birth parents.*

Brittney Bagiardi
Brittney Bagiardi is the Business Development and Marketing Director at Heart of Adoptions, Inc. She helps connect birth parents, adoptive parents, and the community to the Agency’s dedicated staff. Brittney is passionate about providing essential adoption resources and information to the community. Love what you see? Check out HOA's various blogs for important information about adoptions, birth mothers, adoptive parents, and more!