Answering Your Home Study Questions

By Alyse Warren
February 1, 2021

Heart of Adoptions, Inc. is here to answer any questions you may have regarding completing a home study. Some of the most common questions we are asked have quite simple answers!

-What should I expect at the home study visit?

The home visit can sometimes cause some anxiety for prospective adoptive parents. Please know that we strive to make this process as comfortable, educational, and easy as possible! For the home visit, your caseworker will complete a guided tour of your home and then you will sit down to talk.

-What do you talk to me about during the home study?

Your caseworker will talk to you about your upbringing, your current life situation, what led you to pursue adoption, and more. The conversations during the home study are meant to be as comfortable as possible but there are serious topics that will be discussed as well. Our best advice is to be comfortable and prepared to talk about your story and know that we are here to learn about you and support you!

-Do I need to have the home babyproofed?

No! If you already have the home baby-proofed, that is perfectly fine. However, it is not a requirement for the home study.

-Do I need to have a nursery set up?

No! We do like to see that there is a plan in terms of separate living space for the child you wish to adopt. However, the room does not need to be set up and decorated for the home study!

Alyse Warren
Home Study and Post Placement Visit Coordinator