Birth Mom Luncheon

By Julia Diamond
March 6, 2020

While every adoption tells a different story, there is one thing that is for certain – adoption is a loving and selfless decision. But it doesn’t always feel that way for birth moms. At times, they can feel regret. At times, they can feel alone. That’s why Heart of Adoptions does all it can to keep in contact with birth moms and to keep them connected with one another.

On February 20th, Heart of Adoptions held their first birth mom luncheon. We invited past and present birth moms to come and have lunch with us to show much we appreciated and respected them. It was an amazing day, and we had incredible feedback about the event.

Given the success of this luncheon, we’ve decided to continue hosting these events. We feel that they provide birth moms with a safe place to come together and celebrate the strength it takes to place a baby for adoption in Florida.

If you’re interested in coming to one of our birth mom lunches, please email [email protected] your information, including name and location.