Considering Adoption?

By Julia Diamond
May 21, 2024

The Emotional Journey of Adoption

Adoption is not just providing a home; it is creating a family. The process can have vast emotions that can be intense it is important to be prepared.

Key questions to think about…

How Will a Child Fit into Your Life and Relationships?

  • Consider how adopting a child will impact your daily routine.
  • How will adding a child into your life impact it?
  • How will adding a child impact your work?
  • How will adding a child impact your relationships such as marriage, friendships, and family?

How Will a New Child Affect Your Family Dynamics?

  • If you have other children how will adding another impact them?
  • Are your other children okay with adding another child to your family?
  • How will you prepare others in your household for the addition of a child?

What Changes are You Willing to Make to Ensure a Smooth Transition?

  • Are you prepared to make adjustments such as a different work schedule or working from home if applicable?
  • Are you willing to change your home environment for safety and … for the child?
  • Are you willing to seek additional support for yourself or the child?
  • Are you willing to seek medical and theopathic counseling for the child?

How Do You Feel About an Open Adoption?

  • How do you feel about maintaining contact with the child’s birth family?
  • What are boundaries you want if maintaining an open adoption?
  • Are you willing to do visits with a child’s birth parents?
  • Are you willing to keep birth parents updated on the child’s progress?

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