Some Things to Do While Waiting For Baby

By hoaadmin
March 8, 2024

We understand that the waiting process can be difficult, so here are some things to help-

  • Seek support from other people adopting either through local support groups or online forums and adoption support groups
  • Ask your doctor about vaccines you might need.  Many parents have been advised by their child’s pediatrician upon placement to get chicken pox, flu shot and t-dap among others
  • Read about parenting and general infant/childcare
  • Talk to your employer and start planning for time away from the office if necessary
  • Read all you can about parenting an adopted child (e.g. Karen Purvis, Lori Holden)
  • Research and select baby furniture (it can sometimes take months to order)
  • Research car seats and strollers, with an eye toward a purchase
  • If you have purchased a car seat already, learn how to install it, and then get it checked by a car seat specialist (call your local police, fire department or AAA office for assistance).  Many hospitals have a free class solely about car seats!
  • Research and select a pediatrician
  • Select names for each gender (this is a common question from potential birth families)
  • Discuss and research discipline styles/techniques
  • Research and select a childcare provider (if you are going to work)
  • Research new parenting techniques i.e., baby massage, using sign language, etc.
  • Make some preheatable quick meals and store in the freezer
  • Stock up on gift cards to local restaurants for easy, already paid for, meals
  • Research baby announcements if you plan to do one!
  • Start a Lifebook of your adoption journey for your child
  • Discuss and make decisions about new wills, life insurance and a guardian for your baby
  • Research and request forms to add your new baby to your health insurance plan
  • Start your child’s library, making sure to include books with an adoption theme (e.g. Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born, A Mother for Choco, Wish, I Wished for You, etc)
  • Research any parental/family leave policies with your employer
  • Research and decide about adoptive breastfeeding
  • Research and decide about cord blood banking
  • Discuss what type of new baby/welcome home celebration you want to have
  • Research and learn how to prevent SIDS
  • Prepare a first aid kit specifically for children (consult your pediatrician or the Red Cross)
  • Tidy up your closets and storage space
  • Start a journal or blog about your adoption journey. A journal can record milestones and detours, as well as your first rush of love for your child
  • Take full advantage of your free time. When a baby comes you will have less of it!

If you are on our waitlist, you are always welcome to check in with us to get basic information on cases we have been seeing, or how many times your profile has been shown. Remember, we are here for you!

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