The Privilege Of Watching Them Grow Up

By Stephanie Blok
April 18, 2018

One of the highlights of my job is keeping in touch with the adoptive families after placement and receiving updated photos and videos of the children.

We get to see quite a bit of our kiddos when they are babies in the hospital, little bundles all snuggly in thier stocking caps.

That time is special, but as the pictures role in year after year, watching them grow up is truly the icing on the cake

Sometimes pictures come in around their Birthdays or the anniversary of their placement.  We saw beautiful pictures at Christmastime on our Facebook page or in the form of adorable Christmas Cards.

We had several Spring/Easter cuties…

and even a few cute kiddos in Lightning gear come playoff season.

I’m so thankful for and seeing all these beautiful photos.  Watching these children grow picture by picture gives me the motivation and drive to do my job.

It’s a reminder of what a blessing it is to take part in creating forever families.  I enjoy what I do every single day.