Adoption FAQ: Is Marriage a Necessity to Adopt a Child?

By RedWallPPC
January 26, 2024

Did you know that most Americans have a positive view of adoption? Whether this is facilitated through private adoption, internal adoption, or adoption from foster care, there are many ways to connect a child with adoptive parents.

If you want to put your future child up for adoption, you may be wondering, does the person adopting your child need to be married? The short answer is no, but the issue can become complicated.

Learn more about adoption without marriage, and whether it is the right fit for your situation.  


People who are married before they begin the adoption process are more likely to adopt a child. This is because two active parents can usually provide a more stable home for their adoptive child and share the burden of childcare.

Another benefit of a married couple adopting is that they will likely have a higher income to afford a child.

Adoption can even be a motivator for unmarried couples to legally solidify their partnership through marriage if both partners wish to adopt.

Although a two-parent home may seem ideal, other unconventional situations can still be a good fit, such as single-parent adoption or domestic partner adoption.


Consider casting a wider net to find individuals who are looking to adopt. These people are usually self-sufficient, independent, and are more than capable of raising a child on their own.

In addition, a single person wanting to adopt has likely invested quite a bit of time and money into the process. They can likely afford childcare or outside help to effectively raise a child.

However, there is still quite a bit of bias against single people who want to adopt. Any reputable adoption agency will screen prospective adoptive parents to determine their eligibility.

If a single person meets all of those requirements, there is no reason why you shouldn’t consider him or her adopting your child.

Domestic Partnership

When domestic partners or an unmarried couple want to adopt, it can become more complicated. Technically, if they only cohabitate, they cannot jointly adopt the child.

However, there are workarounds to these adoption requirements. One partner can adopt the child as a single parent. Then, the other partner can adopt the child. This is very similar to how a step-parent would adopt their spouse’s offspring.

A domestic partnership is a more unconventional solution, but it will still provide the benefit of two parents raising the adopted child together.

Do You Have to be Married to Adopt?

You shouldn’t have to wonder, do you have to be married to adopt? With this guide, you can determine what is best for your unborn child if you want to give him or her up for adoption.

Adoption is a time-consuming, emotional, and intimate process for all parties involved. You need to ensure you have the right people to guide you through it.

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