May 24, 2018

A Picnic To Remember

As I reflect on our recent annual adoption picnic and all that it means to me, I am flooded with an immense sense of gratitude to be able to practice adoption law. When people realize that I solely handle adoptions, I am often met with responses like, “You get to practice the happy law.” And […]
May 17, 2018

Motherhood, Laying Down On The Job

Mother’s Day weekend is kind of our Super Bowl weekend. (National Adoption Month is our Christmas.) Motherhood is woven into the fiber of what we do. For Mother’s Day, I asked our social media followers and staff to send us the pictures the most typified motherhood to them. We received the most fantastic pictures. There […]
May 09, 2018

My Stephanie

9 Years ago, yesterday was the happiest day of my life. Why? In addition to having a wonderful stepdaughter and a happy and healthy three-year-old, my baby girl, Stephanie, joined our family...making it complete. But it was a long road to get there. First, I need to tell you about my oldest sister, Stephanie. My […]
Apr 18, 2018

The Privilege Of Watching Them Grow Up

One of the highlights of my job is keeping in touch with the adoptive families after placement and receiving updated photos and videos of the children. We get to see quite a bit of our kiddos when they are babies in the hospital, little bundles all snuggly in thier stocking caps.
Mar 19, 2018

The Sweet Time In Between

We love our kiddos. All our kiddos. But for all our preparation, for thought, and care, it is not for us to spend much time with them once they come. If we do our job well, than the child should pass from the birth parents arms to the adoptive parents arms, (and a few nurses […]
Mar 02, 2018

Adoption from the Other Side

When I was first asked to write a blog I thought, “What a strange word?” Sounds a bit like it should be the title of a B rated horror flick. For a bit of background, I’m a part of the adoption triad. Not the usual, adoptive parent or adoptee, but I am a birth mom. […]
Using Legos To Build A Better Team
Jan 16, 2018

Using Legos To Build A Better Team

You know how sometimes it is the little things that get you excited? For me those things are never having to pay full price(Coupon Queen), a belly laugh from my quiet introverted daughter, and Peach Fresca,the be all, end all of liquid beverages. I’m also really excited about our upcoming staff meeting/team building. To take […]