Considering Adoption in Florida? Here are Five Great Blogs to Check Out!

By Julia Diamond
July 20, 2020

When considering adoption in Florida, beginning your adoption journey, or simply going through the first few years of post-adoption, it’s important that you continue to self-educate and learn more about adoption and parenting. Here are several blogs that we recommend checking out if you’re interested in learning about others’ adoption journeys!

Raising A Go Girl

Allison Kenny’s Raising A Go Girl blog is a great resource for LGBTQ parents hoping to adopt. She started the blog in 2014 when she brought home her “6-year-old soon-to-be-adopted daughter.” She touches on topics such as trauma, raising a child in a queer, multiracial family, self-care, and of course, parenting!

Adoptive Families Circle Blogs

Adoptive Families Circle is a great, community-driven website that features REAL adoptive families blogging about each and every stage of their adoption journey. It’s a great resource for any family going through the adoption process or simply considering adoption as part of their family story.

White Sugar, Brown Sugar

This blog is written by Rachel, a mother of three who writes about her transracial family of two daughters and one son. She provides many parenting tips; from great children’s book suggestions to kid-friendly holiday activities.

Confessions of an Adoptive Parent

People love the Confessions of an Adoptive Parent blog! Mike and Kristen Berry, parents to eight adoptive children, along with their team “strive to encourage moms and dads along this unique journey of foster and adoptive parenting, and provide resources to help you become a better parent.”

See Jamie Blog

This blog, written by Jamie, a “mom to five via birth, marriage, and foster-adoption. Three kids (and two rescued mutts) are still under our roof; the older two kids are out on their own and have even given us grandchildren.” She writes about anything and everything, including parenting, homeschooling, children’s books, and healthy living.

BONUS: Heart of Adoptions Blog

And of course, we couldn’t recommend all of these blogs without plugging our own blog! The Heart of Adoptions blog is a great resource to any family considering adoption in Florida, as well as any woman facing an unplanned pregnancy in Florida. From birth mother stories to helpful resources, the Heart of Adoptions blog will keep you up to date and entertained on a weekly basis.