4 Factors to Consider Before Adopting a Toddler

By RedWallPPC
March 26, 2024

Nearly 400,000 children in the U.S. live in the foster care system, the youngest of whom are toddlers.

Adding a child, especially a younger child, to your family can be a nerve-wracking experience, but an exciting one all the same. If you’re trying to make adoption plans, it’s important to understand how this is going to impact you and your family’s lives moving forward.

Today, we’ll help you by suggesting four factors to consider before adopting a toddler. Leave no stone unturned before jumping into the adoption process. Keep reading to help make sure you’re equipped to bringing this toddler into your life.

1. Adoption Laws

Do you understand the laws around adoption? Both federal and state laws dictate who can adopt and who can be adopted in particular situations. If you haven’t gone over these laws, you should do it before instigating the process.

For instance, an adoptee must be an American citizen and if they’re adopting from out of the country, you must meet both the U.S. and the foreign country’s requirements. If you’re unmarried, you must also be 25 or older to adopt. If you are married, you must jointly adopt the child.

2. Different Types of Adoption

There are two specific types of adoption: open adoption and closed adoption.

In an open adoption, the adoptive parents remain in touch with the birth parents, giving the toddler contact with both sets of parents. Closed adoptions cut this contact off so that the toddler only has contact with the adoptive parents while in their custody.

Open adoptions are becoming more and more commonplace. That said, your particular situation will inform how you make this decision. It’s important to think about it and consider the situation of the child’s birth parents before choosing one or the other.

3. Affordability

There’s a common perception that adoption is an expensive process. This doesn’t necessarily have to be true, but it’s important to take a long-term view of the financial impact of adoption. Having a child is expensive, so you should be in a comfortable financial position if you plan on adopting.

It’s also important to know that there are resources available to help adoptive parents. You can find grants and other assistance programs that provide your family with a bit of extra comfort as you work through the adoption.

4. Emotions and Patience

The process of adopting a toddler doesn’t happen overnight. You need to set emotions aside and be patient while the adoption agency does its due diligence on you and your spouse. They need to do criminal background checks, financial checks, and home studies to ensure you’re suitable.

By being open to children of different backgrounds or with disabilities, you can widen your adoption pool and the process will be quicker. If you have specific requirements, it’ll take longer.

Adopting a Toddler the Right Way

It’s important to take your time and consider everything when adopting a toddler. You’re taking this child’s life into your hands and your home, so don’t leave anything out when making this decision. When you’re ready, find the right adoption agency for you and get the process started.

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