Day in the Life of an Adoption Caseworker

By Natalie Londono
December 26, 2019

Many days I am left juggling my various responsibilities, wife, mother, adoption social worker, etc.  I wear so many more hats on a daily basis, but I wear these three nonstop and I wear them proudly.  Even though these three responsibilities take up all of my time, they are my favorite three hats to wear (typically all stacked on top of one another).

Every day is different in my position at Heart of Adoptions, some days are filled with nonstop phone calls, some are filled with mountains of paperwork, most days I will be in the office all day, but other days I will be at the hospital.  I try to plan my days and weeks the best I can to stay organized and be available for my clients, as well as my own family.  The most rewarding and exhausting days are those dealing with a consent signing and placement!  I get asked often by adoptive families, birth parents, hospital staff, and other bystanders, “How do you do this every day?”  “How do you juggle and compartmentalize so well?” “How do you handle your emotions in such a tough juxtaposition.” Honestly, the answer is simple, I love what I do.  Being able to build a family after 3 failed adoptions is pure gold.  Watching an adoptive mother fall to her knees because her dream of motherhood is finally being fulfilled is beyond beautiful.  Staying connected with birth parents throughout the years as they navigate their new life is inspiring.  Watching our HOA babies grow into children is fascinating, they grow so fast!!  I have a great deal of respect and admiration for the adoption triad.

The day in the life of an adoption social worker is ever changing, some days more exhausting than others, but each and every day is filled with a feeling of gratitude.  I am honored to be in a role that I am able to help others connect and come together for the love of a child.

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