Why do I need a Home Study?

By hoaadmin
January 5, 2024

Why Do I Need a Home Study…

Heart of Adoptions, Inc. is a full-service licensed adoption agency in Florida. We are licensed and qualified to provide adoption services from start through finalization, with ongoing support and resources.

If you are looking to adopt a child, the first step is to obtain an approved home study by a licensed home study agency. The purpose of a home study is to ensure that you are prepared emotionally, physically, and mentally to adopt and parent a child. The Home Study is both a process and a document that is designed to assess and prepare you for parenting through adoption.

The following information is included in the Home Study report:

  • Adoption Preparation, Expectations, and Preferences
  • Personal and Family Background
  • Physical & Mental Health History
  • Education and Work History
  • Criminal Background Clearances
  • Financial Information
  • Marriage History
  • References
  • Home and Community
  • Recommendation

If you are interested in learning more about how Heart of Adoptions, Inc. can assist you with your home study, contact us today!