Every Child Deserves A Family

By Jeanne Tate
January 18, 2021

2020 has brought a tsunami in almost every facet of our lives, due to COVID, the sad racial divisions facing our country, and the political upheaval.    Regardless of one’s political leanings, it is difficult to quibble with the fact that there, indeed, was this seismic groundswell that brought about a demonstrable change in the landscape of our lives.

From my vantage point in the adoption community, for which as a Florida-licensed attorney I have been involved for almost 40 years, what we need is a tsunami to wash over us all, but one of a much different type.  Unlike the tidal wave that swept in the changes in 2020, the tsunami we need is one that raises the water level of love and elevates our collective consciousness toward adoption and what in the adoption world we affectionately refer to as a “forever family.”  Without this tsunami, too many of our precious kids currently mired in foster care will see their adoption hopes and dreams vanquished, as they simply “age out” of the foster care system upon reaching their 18th birthday.  This need not be, in fact, it must not be the reality to which we consign these precious foster care children.

If you believe, as I passionately do, that every child deserves a family, then join my like-minded colleagues and me.  Let’s be the tsunami that washes over our communities, effectively raising the water level of awareness toward adoption.  Here is but a smattering of suggestions for you to get involved, to-wit:

  • Celebrate and praise everyone you know who adopts
  • Get the word out, through whatever medium you choose, that there are over 123,000 precious kids in foster care in America, desperate for a permanent, forever family
  • Consider the adoption of a foster care child or sibling group and if this is not realistic for you, encourage others in your orbit to adopt
  • Volunteer at the Guardian ad litem program

Let’s ride the wave of awareness and grow adoptions of all our kids, but especially our beautiful foster care children, who through no fault of their own have been removed from their homes permanently, unwitting victims of child abuse, child neglect, and/or abandonment. Let’s open our hearts, let’s open our homes.  Growing adoption is a 24/7 endeavor, for which we all are responsible.  Join us, please.

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