I’m Pregnant, Now What? Common Questions in the Adoption Process.

By Adelle Meyer
July 27, 2021

I’m pregnant and considering adoption, now what? 

With Heart of Adoptions (HOA), expectant mothers are not alone. We are here to support expectant moms and their decisions for their child on a personal and genuine level. There is no rush to make any decision, and we have a knowledgeable and caring staff that are here to listen. We help expectant moms at any point in their pregnancy and provide many resources even after placement. 

If I choose to place my child for adoption, do I pick the family? 

Absolutely. Each expectant mother receives one-on-one attention from their caseworker. The expectant mother decides what they’re looking for in the baby’s future family and her desired level of communication with the family and baby. Then, based on her preferences, her caseworker will present profiles and pictures of hopeful waiting families that meet her specified criteria best. All of HOA’s adoptive families presented have completed careful and thorough background checks and are home-study approved.

“Our goal here at Heart of Adoptions, Inc. is to find and present a profile to an expectant mother that she truly connects with. Ultimately having a sense of peace and confidence in her selection.”

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How much will placing my baby for adoption cost me? 

Choosing adoption for your baby is free of charge. The adoptive parents will cover all of the expenses for the adoption including medical and legal fees. Additionally, depending on the birth mother’s specific circumstance and eligibility, Heart of Adoptions, Inc has resources and assistance available to help with food, toiletries, and living expenses. 

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What happens after I give birth and the child is placed with the adoptive parents?

Heart of Adoptions will forever be a part of your support system. We have an incredible community of past and present birth moms that can join together in birth mother activities and retreats. Our HOPE program supports mothers through monthly pizza meetups and retreats so that each birth mother has a strong community of women supporting her at every turn.  Counseling services are available to all of our birth parents at no cost. 

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Adelle Meyer
Adelle is the Marketing Intern with Heart of Adoptions. She graduated from the University of Tampa in May of 2021 and will serve in the Army as of November 2021.