Life for Kids

Life for Kids provides pregnancy, adoption and parenting services through the ministry of Gorman Family Life Center, Inc. Life for Kids provides support to birth mothers who have placed a child for adoption and those considering placing a child. The purpose of the group is to provide a setting where women can gain peer support, general adoption information and post-adoption healing. Call 407-629-KIDS(5437) for more information.

Birth Moms Today

I provide personalized birth mom care plans.

As a birth mom coach, my role is to help women choosing adoption for their child to achieve the best adoption experience possible. Our coaches lovingly walk through the adoption journey with each birth mom.

As an Advanced Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, my role is to lovingly support women as they work through the post-adoption grief which is a natural response to the loss she has experienced. and

Pinellas Adoption Support

Anyone in the Tampa Bay area who has adopted a child internationally or domestically (including kinship) is welcome to attend Assistance and Support for Adoptive Parents (ASAP) on the 4th Monday of every month. Visit for more details. This organization support families in any stage of adoption.

The Pregnancy Resource Center

The Pregnancy Resource Center was founded in 1997 and provides a variety of free services and programs to meet the needs of clients and the community. Some of their services include, but are not limited to, free pregnancy test, adoption support groups for birth mothers, child birth classes and a 24 hour hotline. Call 239-513-9775 for more info.

The Sylvia Thomas Center for Adoptive and Foster Families

The Sylvia Thomas Center for Adoptive and Foster Families, Inc. is a community-based, parent-driven organization that provides services and support to meet the identified needs of children and the families that adopt them. Support groups, resource library, and respite are just a few of the services they offer. Visit their website at or call 813-651-3150.

Orlando Adoption Network

The Orlando Adoption Network was created to help families meet others who are involved in the world of adoption. Monthly meetings are held where families can ask questions, share experiences, learn about adoption or just listen to others in a supportive environment. Visit their main site at: for details on East and West Chapters, including meeting-places and times.

Birth Mother Peer Support

Heart of Adoptions, Inc. is happy to connect expectant parents with other woman who have created an adoption plan in the past who are open to sharing peer-to-peer about their experience with adoption. Whether you are considering making an adoption plan or are already working with the agency, feel free to contact us at 1-800-GO-ADOPT or ask your case worker for contact information of a peer support person. Many peer support people are available by phone or email and some are willing to skype or meet in person depending on location.

Birthmom Buds is an organization and website that provides peer counseling, support, encouragement, and friendship to birthmoms as well as pregnant woman considering adoption. If you are pregnant and considering adoption, a birthmom who has placed her child for adoption, or would just like to learn more about birthmoms and what they experience, we welcome you to browse through our website, services, and get involved. Brochure

Big Tough Girl is a world wide community to give a voice to women from all walks of life, to celebrate their life journey. Because we believe that every woman has a story. Through our live events, online community, yearly soul retreats, community service, our shop, our  story telling series, coaching, workshops online  and more we telling the life story behind the woman!

A pro-adoption movement dedicated to changing the perception of adoption by acknowledging birth moms for their brave decision. We’re a pro-adoption movement. We’re not an adoption agency. We’re not a pregnancy resource center or a church ministry. We’re a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) public charity organization headquartered in Dallas, Texas that exists to change the perception of adoption through honest, informative and hopeful communication that conveys the bravery of birth mothers. We believe birth mothers are heroes and adoption can be a beautiful thing. email contact: [email protected] or phone 214-272-0610

Single Parent Advocate

To help single parent families navigate through life, Single Parent Advocate, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, aims to provide access to information and resources, and create online and offline programs. The focal point is its websiteSingle Parent Advocate hosts a resource directory, a social platform, and serves as an advocate in private, public and the non-profit sector for single parents. The information, resources, and social platform equips and empowers single parent families and helps them do more than they could alone. The three keywords for Single Parent Advocate are Help, Heal, and Hope.

Single Parents Network

Our Mission here @ Single Parents Network  is to provide a hub, as you will, that has collectively gathered single parent web sites, articles, information, government resources, online discussion forum support boards, books and so much more, for anyone looking for single parent information.

Divorce After Adoption: A Parent’s Guide

When a married couple makes the life-changing decision to adopt and give a child a forever family, rarely does the thought that they may someday divorce enter their minds. Divorce is difficult for any family, especially when children are involved, and going through the divorce process when there is an adopted child or children can add a new layer of complexity for the children.

Adoption Related Services of Pinellas

The mission of Adoption Related Services of Pinellas (ARSP) is to keep adoptive families together and enhance attachment in the parent-child relationship through counseling and other supportive services. Since its inception in 2006, ARSP has focused on meeting the need for qualified professionals to work with adoptive families. ARSP was awarded a Medicaid contract for counseling in 2007 and since that time, the agency has grown tremendously. Although the agency was founded with the vision of serving families in the immediate area of Pinellas County, it was not long before we received requests for services in surrounding counties. Currently, the agency provides services not only throughout Pinellas County, but also extending into Pasco, Hillsborough, Manatee/Sarasota, Hernando and Polk Counties. Our counseling program provides services in the family’s home and we bill Medicaid for the vast majority of our services. Our goal is to provide high quality services that are trauma-informed and family-focused.

Refuge in Grief

An online support group and writing program that is clearly stated on thier website as “grief support that doesn’t suck” This is designed for any type of grief- whether you are new on the grief-path or have begun to tentatively explore your new life after such loss as infertility, miscarriage, or choosing to create an adoption plan for your child.

Drop In Adoption Support Group

The support group is for prospective or waiting adoptive parents as well as adoptive parents who are seeking post-adoption support. The group will offer time for individuals and couples to share openly about their experiences, concerns, and opinions while gaining support from others with similar experiences. The group will also provide the opportunity to learn new strategies to assist in the social, emotional, and behavioral health and development of your family. The group will only be for adults and will be led by an adoption-competent licensed clinical social worker. Brochure

Adoptive Parent Support Group

This support group is a welcoming space to discuss adoption-related questions, stressors, and needs with fellow adopting and adoptive families along with guidance & support from an certified adoption competent counselor, Kathy Roth, LCSW , with Empowered Families.

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Adoptee Dialogue Blog

The purpose of this website is to give adult adoptees an avenue for support that is dedicated to their thoughts and opinions. All visitors to this website are welcome to participate in the blog. Perhaps we have a friend or relative who is being adopted, was adopted, is a potential adoptive parent, or is an adoptive parent faced with difficulty. Birth mothers and fathers are also invited.

Specialized Support Coordinators

PSI offers support, information, and resources to these specialized populations: Families impacted by Postpartum Psychosis, Adoptive Parents, Birth Mothers, Dads, Grandparents, NICU parents, and Spanish-Speaking Families. We have developed the specialized coordinators in response to a growing number of requests from families. Specialized Coordinators work in conjunction with local PSI Support Coordinators to offer support and resources.

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Ambler Counseling

Ambler Counseling offers a virtual adoptive parent support group on Saturday mornings! They cover the challenging yet exciting, wonderfully love-filled yet trauma filled experiences of adoption.

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Coping with Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression and addiction are a tragically common pairing. More pregnant women and new mothers are experiencing anxiety and depression during the COVID-19 pandemic. Conversely, women with a history of substance abuse are more likely to show symptoms of postpartum depression. Between 19.7% and 46% of women with a history of substance abuse develop postpartum depression. Here is a guide, ‘Postpartum Depression: How To Cope Without Self-Medicating’, to discuss the ins and outs of postpartum depression and positive ways to cope.

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Those Three Words

“You are pregnant.”

The first time I heard those three words I was 18 years old and just weeks into my freshman year of college. I was devastated.  I did not want to be a mom. I was not ready to be a mom. I had to make a choice. Those Three Words is my story of making difficult choices, taking chances, and the joy and pain of motherhood. 

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Open Frame

Open Frame is a community who cherishes, empowers, and connects after loss due to overdose. Together, we are reframing the space left by grief. We are embracing the whole picture of trauma + grief and healing. Everyone who has been impacted by overdose loss belongs here. Open Frame is a place to know that you are not alone. The stigmas, the guilt, and the shame that accompany this kind of tragic loss does not define our loved ones. Open Frame refers to an open picture frame, a figurative space to remember our loved ones as whole people, not just how they passed.

They partner with a variety of organizations and offer small groups/counselling online for individuals dealing with grief from the loss of a loved one.

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Touched by Adoption by Hyde Park United Methodist Church

The purpose of the Touched by Adoption Ministry is to offer fellowship and support, as well as information on locally available resources and the sharing of first-hand experience, to those who have already adopted, are fostering, and/or are providing kinship (relative) care, along with those who are considering doing so. Touched by Adoption is open to all and families don’t need to attend Hyde Park United Methodist to participate.

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RAD Advocates

Reactive attachment disorder (RAD) develops when a child’s brain is impacted by trauma during the first few years of life. Although common in children living in the foster care system and in orphanages internationally, the disorder can impact any child and family. 

Kids with RAD are stuck in a constant state of fight or flight, even after their trauma has long passed. 

It’s extremely difficult, even dangerous at times, for parents—whether adoptive, biological, stepparent, or otherwise—to raise a child with RAD and find effective help for them. RAD Advocates exists to bridge the gap. 

Learn more here  –

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