Support – Words from a Birth Mother

By Julia Diamond
September 25, 2019

We’ve all seen the memes on FB and Instagram that tell us in a funny and exaggerated way, that if we aren’t hanging out with someone who doesn’t bob their head when Bohemian Rhapsody starts to play, get away from that person! You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life! Well, I’m here to tell you that if you don’t have people in your life who support your choice to share your unborn/newborn child in adoption, get away from those people, as well. You certainly don’t need that kind of negativity in your life, either! 

No matter what your situation is; no matter how you came to be pregnant; no matter who agrees with your choice or not, YOU DESERVE SUPPORT.  In every story/situation, there are 3 sides: Your side, their side, and somewhere in the middle, the absolute truth. Not that anyone chooses to or wants to be a liar; not that anyone would intentionally leave out any portion of the truth. But because human beings are so diverse and individual, our truths vary.  Each person involved in your story will no doubt have their own perspective; their own attitudes; their own points of view regarding how this pregnancy should be handled. If, in fact, you are a woman making this choice completely on your own, you may or may not consider yourself lucky to have the decision-making process all to yourself. Either way, it is a monumental decision. It is one that deserves to be made with love and compassion, and lots of CORRECT information. As many people as you speak to regarding your decision, well, that’s probably how many different answers or perspectives you’ll end up with. Adoption isn’t for everyone (raising children isn’t for everyone, either!)But one thing that is for everyone is a healthy and safe environment in which to grow, and adoption will certainly provide that when we, as parents, cannot. I pray your journey is a sweet one! I pray for a good connection between you and your chosen people; for you to get the support and love you deserve; and that you surround yourself with educated, strong, loving professionals, like Jeanne and her staff, who will guide and protect you and your beautiful baby.