The Sweet Time In Between

By Stephanie Blok
March 19, 2018

We love our kiddos.  All our kiddos.

But for all our preparation, for thought, and care, it is not for us to spend much time with them once they come.  If we do our job well, than the child should pass from the birth parents arms to the adoptive parents arms, (and a few nurses in-between).  As much as we would love to snuggle, giving both sides of the adoption triad as much time as possible is the goal.

But every now and again there is just a little… lag.  This is when, due to the nature of the case or the travel of the adoptive parents, there is a small span of time in between the signing and the placement.  Sometimes this happens in cradle care.  But in this case, it was just our caseworker, a brand new little one, and a few days in the NICU.

This kind of one on one time with one of our adopted little ones is rare and precious, and gave our case worker a new found respect for NICU parents. (As a NICU parent myself, I completely understand.)

Here are a few pictures of the adventure our case worker had, when she got to pour into the life of our tiny kiddo during this brief time in the “in between”

Regular Newborn Nursery then on to the NICU aka Jelly Fish Cove!

Snug a bug in the NICU.

Day 3 – Parents’ Night making St. Patties Day onesies and my find at Target!

Even when a family can’t be there both the birth parents and adoptive family can rest assured that our caseworkers step in with full hearts to attend events such as Parents’ Night and spend time cuddling their little bundle of joy.  This is to ensure the little onse are receiving love throughout the whole process!