Understanding the Process to Adopt a Newborn

By RedWallPPC
December 26, 2023

The average age of adoption in the US is six years old. If your dream is to adopt a newborn, the process can be somewhat more complicated. Below we will help you navigate the steps to get started.

Please note that we will be discussing the steps for domestic adoption in this post. International adoption is an even more complex process to consider before beginning your journey.

Step 1. Learn Your State’s Eligibility Criteria

Each state has different eligibility criteria for adoptive parents. Ensure you meet these requirements before initiating the baby adoption process.

Step 2. Work With a Professional

You must decide whether you want to do an agency or private adoption. Agencies will assist you every step of the way. Private adoption is only recommended if you know the birth mother, such as with a kinship adoption.

If you choose to go the agency route, you have options. There are national and regional agencies. Some parents prefer regional agencies because they can adopt an infant closer to home, but others may see this as a disadvantage.

Step 3. Complete a Home Study

A home study is a requirement no matter what type of adoption professional you work with. It involves case workers coming to your home to determine that your family and household are suitable for a child.

During this step, the case worker will conduct a background check, which includes interviews with everyone living in the home.

Step 4. Find a Birth Mother

If you know the birth mother already, you can skip this step. But if you are going through an agency adoption, the next step will be for the agency to locate a birth mother.

They will take your preferences on race, gender, and medical history into account. However, if you can be flexible, your chances of finding a birth mother will be higher, and the process will take much less time.

Step 5. Determine the Adoption Type

Adoptions can be open, semi-open, or closed. Closed adoptions are the most restrictive, allowing for no contact between the adoptive family and the birth mother.

Most modern adoptions are either open or semi-open because they tend to have the best outcomes for the child.

Step 6. Placement and Post-Placement

Once the birth mother officially consents to the adoption, you will receive physical custody. Then, families must undergo a 3-6 month post-placement period to complete all legal requirements.

After completing post-placement visits and finalizing the adoption, your new baby will officially be part of your family.

Adopt a Newborn With Heart of Adoptions

The first step to bringing home your new baby is to find the right agency for your unique needs. Adoption agencies offer comprehensive support every step of the way, from home studies and locating birth mothers to placement and finalization.

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