Adopted Love Celebrated All Month Long

By Julia Diamond
February 17, 2020

While Valentine’s day is typically celebrated only on the 14th of February, here at Heart of Adoptions, we like to treat the whole month as a celebration of love. We celebrate romantic love, familial love, and even puppy love. And of course, we celebrate the love that adoption brings into our lives.

The love that is shared in an adoption triangle is completely unique. An adoptee has two families who he/she will always be loved by, but typically they only celebrate Valentine’s Day with their adoptive family. Therefore, Valentine’s Day can rather difficult for birth parents. They may experience sadness and nostalgia and are probably spending the day thinking about the child they placed for adoption. And if the child is old enough, they might be thinking about their birth parents too.

We encourage all adoptive families to use this month to celebrate the unique love that adoption brought into your lives. If you can, reach out to your child’s birth family or birth mother and remind them, “We’re thinking of you and we love you.” Just a simple note can go a long way.

If you’re feeling extra creative, maybe consider having your child make them a Valentine’s Day card! Receiving a precious, handmade gift like this would certainly warm a mother’s heart and put a smile on their face.

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