Moore to Love: An Adoption Podcast

By Nicole Moore
February 28, 2022

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The journey to adoption can be filled with twists and turns, legal terms, hard-to-understand concepts, and overwhelming emotions. Don’t go it alone! Board Certified Adoption Attorney and Host Nicole Moore will help you navigate your journey to adoption with guest hosts who have been there, done that, and will provide hope and inspiration along the way. Listen as Nicole speaks the truth about the love, law, and the learning process that comes with adoption. As an experienced guide, Nicole will show you that there’s so much Moore to Love in this brand-new Adoption Podcast.


Season Two, Episode Two –  One Mom’s Mission: Penning Pages for a Purpose

When Deirdre Klein Ochipinti went to the bookstore to explain adoption to her toddler, she ran into a big problem. There were no children’s books that explained adoption on the book shelves. After searching high and low, Deidre came up with a solution. She created a book specifically designed for children.  Consequently, every child can learn about adoption and what it means!  However, Deirdre didn’t stop there. She created a nonprofit organization and a yearly carnival to celebrate the wonders of adoption.

Join Nicole Moore as she chats with Deirdre on Season 2, Episode 2 of Moore to Love: An Adoption Podcast.


We would like to thank Deirdre Klein Ochipinti for sharing her story with us. We are in awe of her creativity and perseverance, and we are grateful that she was willing to share her story as a way to help uplift and inspire others to keep going on their adoption journeys.

*This podcast is hosted by Jeanne T. Tate, P.A. It does not create the attorney/client privilege between our host, guest, or contributors, and any listener for any reason. Content from the podcast is not legal advice. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are only those from which they came.

Nicole Moore
Nicole Ward Moore is a Board Certified Adoption Attorney who manages and operates the Orlando office. Nicole has been practicing with the firm since opening the Orlando office in 2005. Nicole practices exclusively in the area of adoption law throughout the State of Florida and in conjunction with out-of-state placements. Nicole also represents adoptive parents in adoption finalizations and represents several adoption agencies in private adoption placements. She also handles domestic adoptions, DCF Interventions, relative adoptions, stepparent adoptions, adult adoptions, and recertifications of foreign adoptions.

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