Colby and Ryan

Working with Heart of Adoptions to adopt our son was a very welcoming process. Prior to coming to Heart of Adoptions, we faced discrimination at more than one agency, so we were leery at first. However, we felt comfortable every step of the way. Not once were we pigeonholed. Not once were we stereotyped. They wanted the same thing we did: the absolute best for our growing family.

Julie and Joe

We are just so incredibly grateful! I cannot tell you how much Joe and I appreciate the way everything has been handled from the moment we got the phone call from Meredith on May 4th. Every single person we have had contact with in your agency and Attorney Tate’s office have been helpful, informative, kind, and made this such a smooth process. We have been and will continue to recommend Heart of Adoptions to anyone we know that’s looking to create a family.

Sean and Jodi

We began our adoption journey in October 2014, and by October 2018 were ready to give up our dream of becoming parents when our Massachusetts adoption agency recommended reaching out to Amy Nickerson at Heart of Adoptions. That first call with Amy immediately put us at ease as she explained their program. We signed up with Heart of Adoptions in January 2019. Amy Nickerson visited our Massachusetts agency in March & April, and we were very fortunate to be able to meet her in our home state, so she could get to know us a little better as prospective adoptive parents. We were beyond elated to be matched through Heart of Adoptions in May with a birth mother and our baby girl was due in June. You’d never know Amy was 1,300 miles away in Florida because the constant communication made us feel like she was just next door. We were never left to figure out anything for ourselves during our journey with Heart of Adoptions; Amy Nickerson & Amy Dean were there for us any time we had any questions or concerns. Once we returned home to Massachusetts, the communication did not end. Amy keeps in touch with us to see how our family is doing and to give us updates on how our birth mother is doing.  Heart of Adoptions made us a family and we are extremely thankful they are a part of our adoption journey.

Janet and Chet

There are so many of you that had a huge impact on completing our family. I am amazed at how smoothly you all orchestrated together. Thank you for helping us through the difficult moments in such a wonderful and professional way!

Robert and Martha

We are so blessed to have two healthy and happy children, and feel privileged to have been able to be with them from the day they were born. We know you receive many thank you letters, but we just want you to know how much we appreciate the Heart of Adoptions staff members who facilitated the formation of our family and the lawyers who have represented us in both adoptions.

Kelly and Jimmy

This morning I am holding my 16 month old daughter in my arms as she sleeps. Looking down at her beautiful little face, I thank God for giving me the opportunity to be her mother. I awake sometimes to pick her up out of her crib in the morning to hear her little voice excited saying mama, it melts my heart!! I thank God for the day I decided to come in to Heart Of Adoptions! I often think of everyone who has went on our journey in helping us be parents again. Thank you so very much… you will be in my heart forever!

Kirsten and John

I just had to write and tell you what a positive experience we have had with your agency. After almost two years of trying unsuccessfully to have a baby, in the end of February of this year I was approached by an acquaintance, and asked if my husband and I were interested in adopting her friend’s baby…. As for my husband and I we still cannot believe that in just a few short months we have become the proud parents of a beautiful little girl, and it has honestly cost us less than an IVF cycle.

It has really been a miracle. From a professional standpoint [as a social worker and an attorney], we both are amazed at how quickly the agency takes care of everything. We have both dealt with many adoptions, and many adoption agencies and yours, by far, has exceeded all expectations. Your staff is exceptional, and whenever I hear of anybody looking into adoption I always tell them please call Heart of Adoptions they are ready to take that step.

Molly & Brad

The adoption process can be a very intimidating and daunting endeavor for couples who wish to start or add to their family. As prospective adoptive parents, the unfamiliar process of adoption, coupled with the possibility of the unknown, can trigger many questions that are unique to each situation. For my wife and me, adoption was the culmination of an emotional, 8 year journey to have a family that included children. We had done research to determine our agency options and had visited at least one other agency in the area before we discovered Heart of Adoptions. I can remember how relieved I was when I received the phone call from my wife telling me that she had found a great agency that “was a perfect fit.” We could not have dreamed of a better experience and wholeheartedly recommend HOA to other families considering adoption.

Janet C

We used you with both of our adoptions. I again, want to thank you for all of your help and for making our family complete! You are the best! I always try to spread the word about you and your agency! You are amazing! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!