I was scared, alone , and pregnant had no clue what to do. All I knew was that I wanted the beautiful life I was carrying around to have an amazing life …I life I couldn’t give her. Heart of adoption made that possible for me. It changed me in so many ways for the better. The whole experience. It made me a stronger woman and I can’t thank you enough for that! Y’all helped me at a time in my life that was so scary. I love sharing my story because it’s truly the thing I’m most proud of doing in my life.


I just wanted to say hello to you and let you know that one of the reasons I am in a better place (emotionally) is because of the help, love and support you provided to me during my difficult time.

Melissa & Family

We want to send our deepest thanks for working with our family on the adoption of my birth-daughter.


The positive aspects I experienced during my adoption process with this agency was everything I needed, I received immediately. Same for the questions, if there was anything I wanted to know about all I had to do was ask and I shortly received my answers. I loved the fact that with the agency I controlled what kind of family I wanted my child to be a part of.


I had such a good experience with you guys and it would be nice to recommend Heart of Adoptions to other girls looking for an agency to go through. Like I said, we found out about you from Dr. Dinsmore, so I know she gives your cards to her patients looking into adoption. Thanks again for everything.


I love logging onto Child Connect and waiting for my next update! I loved every bit of my experience during my baby’s adoption. I loved that the adoption agency found me exactly the family that I was hoping to find; they were everything I had dreamed of. I thought that when I gave my daughter up that I would be sad and unhappy, but I feel the exact opposite. I know that she is well being taken care of, and Heart of Adoptions is the reason why I go to bed happy every night.


Dear Gretchen, Nicole, Beverly, and Cara:

This is by far one of the most difficult thank yous I have ever had to write. I know in my heart each of you are truly unique, genuine, and some of the big hearted woman on the face of this earth!

I only know the voices of Cara and Beverly and was blessed with a few face to face meetings. I know in my heart Gretchen and Nicole put a lot of energy and effort into my case. I am thankful you ladies had the patience and knowledge to successfully handle Phillip. And you had the strength to shut down his ongoing manipulation. I know God will bless each one of your lives for saving a child from harms way, and placing him in loving arms with an abundance of opportunity.

I am forever grateful of compassion offered through my struggles while adopting my baby, and taking on my case so late in the game. Not only did you support and comfort me, you completed this successfully, and extremely professional. I am so proud God led me to you, and I have so much peace with my choice. You ladies provided a perfect opportunity for me, and my child in a very crappy situation.

My words cannot and will not ever fully express the gratitude I feel in my heart! I hope you feel my appreciation, and know your hard work, devotion, and professionalism have left a footprint on my heart FOREVER!

So from deep within my soul, Gretchen, Nicole, Cara, and Beverly- THANK YOU!


Me and my husband were so respected when we made the phone call to HOA, they made us feel like family, they did not judge, they were there for anything and everything, VERY HUMBLE!!!!